How Do You Pay a Bankruptcy Attorney If You Are Filing for Bankruptcy?

The bankruptcy laws are there for the protection of those who find themselves in difficult financial situations. In some cases, you may have a difficulty with your finances because of health reasons and unexpected trips to the hospital or serious health concerns can certainly cause financial difficulties. Other people may have problems with finances because they were laid off or they may just have lived beyond their means. In any case, filing for bankruptcy can wipe the slate clean and give you a fresh start in life.

There are many benefits to filing for bankruptcy but there is also a cost associated with filing. It is not out of the question to spend thousands of dollars on bankruptcy, regardless of whether you are filing chapter 7 or Chapter 13. There are going to be filing fees, which are typically a few hundred dollars but the attorney fees are where many people tend to balk at the process. For chapter 7, it is not out of the question the pay up to $3500 in attorney fees and for chapter 13, that number may double. How can you pay for an attorney to file for bankruptcy if you are already in bankruptcy and struggling financially?

One of the things that you need to consider is that the price of attorneys is going to vary on a nationwide basis. The fees depend upon the location, the attorney that you choose and the complexity of the bankruptcy case. If you live in the city, you will likely pay more for a bankruptcy attorney than you would if you live in a rural area. In addition, the type of bankruptcy that you file can also significantly impact the cost of attorney fees as well. Lawyers with roof replacement cases also making a very good earning.

Many people who file for Chapter 7 are already experiencing severe difficulties with their finances. That is why they may wonder how they are going to pay the attorney and go through with the process. There may be a number of different ways that you could do so, including the following.

Payment plan : It is a good idea to talk to the attorney and see if they’re willing to work out a payment plan to cover the cost over the course of time. This is something that should be discussed with the attorney up front, and you may find that it makes it possible for you to file for bankruptcy. Of course, since your debts are wiped out during the bankruptcy, it would also wipe out that debt so many attorneys are not willing to make that leap of faith.

Pro bono : in some cases, you may qualify for free services or the fees may be waived, depending upon your income level. Hiring a pro bono attorney is something to consider but more than likely, most people are not going to qualify for this option.

Raise the Money: it may also be possible to raise the money by earning some extra income or cutting corners on your monthly budget. It may take some time but it could help you out with the process that will get you a fresh start.